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Originally Posted by Fishy View Post
The reason why they did that is because those are the two safest spots in the truck. A drivers natural instinct is to turn away from danger. Think head on, the normal reaction would be to jerk the wheel drivers side, leaving the passenger side wide open for impact.

For a two-child ride, I don't see how you beat the 4Runner. Especially the 5th gen. But, you can't fit 3 car seats side-by-side in the 4Runner. At least in our 4th gen we couldn't. The 100 you can.
I think what we have here is the Japanese building for their market versus ours. In the US the right-rear (passenger) position is the safest for a kid - NHTSA says cars are hit more often on the driver's side in the US, which makes sense as crossing traffic, it's more likely to be coming from your left (sooner) than right. So in the case of the Japanese market having the two LATCH positions on the center and left, away from their traffic, makes more sense (due to driving on left and RHD.) Unfortunately with LATCH in center and left, our kids (on the left) are a little more vulnerable overall.

Why do you say the 4th gen 4runner's best for kids though? The trucks are significantly narrower than the LC, right? I only have 2 total so I don't have the 3 car seat dilemma thankfully.
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