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For someone buying both a top & bows I’m offering a bundle package (basically the OEM bows are $1,000, but only 800 if you buy a top from me as well). The Black, and Khaki tan tops are more expensive than the others, as they are U.S. made fabric, instead of local market (they don’t get goods blacks or tans locally). So if you were to ultimately choose a set of bows & a Black or Khaki Tan top, the total price would be $1,640.00usd, plus shipping ($800 for the bows, plus $840 for the top). In the case of black & tan tops, they are basically all US sourced products. The only local market items are the windows, thread & some binding tapes.

In the case of the other colors, I have a couple of greens. One, I’m calling, “Korean Drab” because it is very close to the OD color of the US uniforms in the Korean war. The other I’m calling Military Green, as it is a darker Olive, and basically the color that the Pakistani Military uses. If you were to choose one of these tops (also a grey-black, white (off white really, as it isn’t ultra white), the total price for top & bows would be $1,525.00 plus shipping (Top $725, plus $800 for the bows). In the case of these tops, the fabric is locally sourced in Karachi. It is still a pretty good quality canvas, just not quite as high of quality as the USA fabric, and I didn’t have to export it from the USA & ship 10,000 miles & then import into Pakistan, so the costs are all lower. The canvas, thread & windows/binding are local source, the zippers, zipper pulls, webbing, straps & D-rings are all U.S. Sourced.

Zippers are YKK Marine Mate Delrin Zippers (# 8 or *10, I don’t recall off hand, but I can look it up again), the D-rings are 1” welded D-Rings, powder coated black. The webbing/straps are all 1” Nylon “Lite” webbing (basically a thinner, tighter weave to give it a better finished look than regular webbing, but that is just my opinion on the look). They are all 10 strap tops, three on each corner & 4 across the back. My experience is that OEM is all either 4 or 6 straps on the rear, and 4 is the least common denominator, since I’m not building these to order. Plus I have always thought that the 6 strap rear is too, “busy” looking & a bit overkill.

The pricing above includes PayPal fees & crating, but not shipping costs. For everyone local, that can meet up & pay by cash or check; I can save you a bit more cash on the price by passing along the paypal & no crating fees to you. I also occasionally get some bows that end up not being, “first quality” & needing a bit of work to be perfect. When I get those, they will be sold at a lower price, depending on quality, so you could save some additional cash if you have the skills & patience to wait for them.

With luck I’ll have about 10 tops in hand in roughly 2 weeks, and the remainder of the tops & bows & other hard gear parts in about 7-8 weeks. If anyone has any questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them.
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