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Default FJ60 Front Axle Knuckle Rebuild

Hi Everyone,

My name is Opie. I'm new to Rising Sun and look forward to attending a meeting.

I just acquired a '86 FJ60. It hasn't been driven much recently due to leaking axle seals. It probably also has a bunch of other stuff wrong, but that's the first priority as grease is getting on the brake rotors.

From what I've read, it doesn't look like a hard job (albeit messy) but currently, I don't a place to work on it. I live in a condo complex in Boulder. With weather rapidly getting colder, doing this outside doesn't sound like much fun either. It's not my daily driver, so it can wait, but I don't want to let the truck sit much longer less it become a basket case.

I contacted two vendors to see what they might charge and I'm waiting to hear back on quotes. In the meantime, I thought I'd reach out to the community and see if one of you are interested in tackling the job as a side project. You know, make a little extra cash before the holidays kind of thing.

If you've done this before it's probably a fast/easy job for you but it could be a eat up a whole weekend for me. Of course, if the price is un-affordable I might end up doing it myself.

Here's the procedure:

It looks like I can get the rebuild kit for $92 from Cruiser Outfitters.
Part #FA7590

Here's my new FJ

Thanks for the responses!
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