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OK, here's four tips. 1) make sure you have and use your FSM, 2) tap the cone washers with a brass hammer to loosen them up for easy removal after you take out the bolts, 3) use care to seat those Marlin seals square and snug, and 4) insert your long side axle shaft first, then you can juggle and slightly turn either side axle shaft as necessary to get the teeth to line up so you can get the short side shaft fully inserted...Ricardo is the master at this, and it is a little tricky. Oh yeah...5) make sure you are careful not to damage the metal shims on the top and bottom knuckles as you take it apart. You want to make sure you can re-use them so you don't have to go through the complex measurement process during reassembly (I believe this is what sets your caster so keep the shims wioth the appropriate parts).
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