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The 4Runner must be in decent condition as it started attracting a lot of attention. People were stopping in to inquire about it. One of those people is a very good friend and client. He was able to convince me that he needed/wanted it more than I did, and made me an offer I couldnít refuse. Then we sat down and figured out a build plan for it based on his budget. He has some pretty lofty (read expensive) goals, so the plan includes a couple different phases that can be completed as funds become available.

Phase 1: Making it road worthy

With the timing chain being broken in the motor, and not knowing the details of the rest of the internals of the motor, we made the decision to pull the motor and replace it with a good running, low mileage motor we had taking up space in the shop. Got the old one out and the new one installed and running in under 4 hours, and even with having to swap engine wiring harnesses around, it was a new shop record for me. But in my haste, I didnít take many photos. The next morning I was able to run it down to our local Air Care Colorado emissions testing center and got it to pass emissions flawlessly.

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