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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I thought Cheeseman was pulling you out last year and his let go? Other way around? I'm so confused, although last year I was still trying to find out which 62 belonged to who. I think if a Longfield broke then everybody would have to pitch in and buy extra and Nathaniel would have to give up that trophy he got for his rear axleshaft.

Cheeseman was unchained so we decided he would break trail and I was right behind him and chained up. He got BIG stuck and I was strapping him backwards when the birf broke on my passenger side. I didn't realize the the steering was at full lock so it was a classic case of going backwards, steering at full lock and grabbing traction in an uneven manner due to the chains. Birf probably would have held up if I'd have hadn't had the steering cocked to one side - should have stuck my head out the window!
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