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Default Welding stainless or alluminum??

I have a hot dog cart, the kind you see on the corners downtown. I want to add some items to it, a canopy, shelving, storage and some other small things. The cart is made of SS all around which is standard to prevent rust, cleaning and strength.

So the items I want to add on can be from either SS or Aluminum, I prefer aluminum for several reasons. It is lighter of course, cheaper than SS easier to work with (drill etc.) and I can color it vs. SS.

So her is the question, I have a MIG welder and am OK with normal steel just need more practice/repetition. So if I want to well SS if I understand right all I need to do is change my bottle and get SS wire. To weld aluminum I would need to buy a spool gun, bottle and wire, obviously more expensive.

Now several questions, how hard is it to weld either product? And I think that by the time I buy my material I will spend more SS material than aluminum thereby getting a new too for sort of free

What would you do and those who have welded one or the other, what are the differences from normal steel? The other thing is that I plan on buying a P30 or some big delivery truck to build my own food truck. Some bodies are aluminum so ..................

Please any help is greatly appreciated
Thanks T aka Tom KR0MPS

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