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In less than a month I will be arriving in the Denver area, probably staying in Golden, and I hope to attend the Dec 4 meeting and formally introduce myself. That's if my cross country drive doesn't hit a detour but who knows. In any case I'll be reaching out to whoever wants to meet up for beers or food and talk cruisers.
In any case I figured now is a good time to introduce my 88 fj62, Burt. Over the past couple weeks she's been receiving some upgrades and I finally have her back together..... again.

Some quick specs; SOA with add-a-leaves, custom shackle reversal, stretched wheelbase 5" over stock, 39.5" iroks, TR Beadlocks, chromoly axle shafts and longfield birfs, 6- shooter knuckles, ARB front locker, Lock-right rear locker, 5.29 nitro gear, saginaw steering pump, home fab twin steering stabilizers, marlin long spline front shaft, TSM transfer case mounted e-brake, rear disk brake conversion, tranny fluid cooler, IPF lights, modified Tacoma ARB bumper, custom rear bumper/tire carrier and rocker guards, lots of custom wheel well trimming. I'm sure I'm missing a few things. She's ready for Colorado and Moab though. I snuck into a couple pics.
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