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Default GREAT product!!

I purchased the tool roll and a smaller aux. bag. this stuff is reeeaaallly nice. I've been toting around a bag of random tools and can rarely find the things I need quickly. the tool rool keeps things organized, it's got a flap to put parts on so you don't sit them on the desert floor, and lots of zippered pockets.

I can't tell you how nicely they are designed and built. on a side note, my mom used to sew boat canvas for tops. I showed her this site and asked her to make me one. after intitally saying, OH yeah! I'll make that. Upon further inspection, the materials and build quality is top notch. I'm come from a long line of said, "you should buy this, it's nice".

I strongly recommend this solution for your tools. and I'll post some pics once I get around to filling it up.

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