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Default Digital Radio

Several people on here use APRS and I think a couple of mentioned IRLP. But no one has ever mentioned true digital voice and data. KC0YRM once mentioned that he was considering an D-STAR.

I sold that FT-8800 and now am looking for a new dual bander. I have a FTM-350 that I like a lot and so the FTM-400 was high on the list.

However thinking more about and weighing options for the same money I could do a IC-2820H with the UT-123 D-STAR & GPS. It lacks the APRS features, though it supports a digital mode with some existing infrastructure. Plus it's not difficult to add a TNC to it and do APRS in the background like the FTM-350, FTM-400 and TM-D710.

Of course the 3rd option is the TM-D710. No digital modes but probably the best APRS option.

So who already has or is considering something digital? I'm not enthusiastic about another protocol that Yaesu uses, but don't think D-STAR is all that. If at least a few people get Yaesu digital radios even without a lot of infrastructure the simplex features are nice compared to what ICOM offers with D-STAR. OTOH if D-STAR even looks interesting to a few people then I'll consider the ICOM.
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