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Default resolution!

<---that's me now

ok the questions of what to do are answered.

For a brief summary of the goings on....:
-1975 to 1980 2f's came with domed pistons
-those match with 6103x heads that are open chambered
-you can't find domed pistons anywhere, it seems.
-that means you're screwed unless you find a 6104x head which are used on later 2f's and you use the later flat top pistons that are still available, or you get really really lucky and find a set of domed pistons that someone had sitting around.

so long story long, after 2 complete engines and lots of weirdness...
I brought all the newly machine parts back from Gunn using combinations of two motors, enough I thought to put back together a nice rebuilt fully machined 2f for my project from Gunn only to realize the pistons I was planning to use were the flat tops and not suitable for the 61030 head I had rebuilt.

I found a 61040 head from SteveH on the forum and dropped that off to be rebuilt and still haven't heard back from them on whether or not it can be rebuilt or not

in the meantine (over the past 4 months) Mike D's ebay skills are awesome....he found what amounts to a brand new set of domed 2f pistons RY6215-040 (1.00mm or .040" oversized) over two separate auctions...I've been watching for these and calling around for months, and he found them...

so for posterity's sake, and because I like pictures, here's some pics of all this domed and open chamber business that I wish had been pictured somewhere else when I started this....

man these look good!
Name:  domed2.jpg
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these will match much mo better with the 61030 :
Name:  61030_2.jpg
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