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now anyone still paying close attention will note that these are 1.00mm (.040") oversized domed ry6215-040 pistons and I've been blathering on and on about .030" or .75mm oversized bores and flat tops....

...hold please for a brief interlude to show another picture with questionable archival significance....

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so yes, that means one more trip down to ol' Gunn to do ^ that again..but only the part about boring the block to .040 from .030 to use the shiny new slugs.

and just because I enjoy ridiculous-pictures-I-usually-find-on-the-internet-but-this-one-was-shot-from-my-driveway-yes-i-am-that-dumb....

I didn't do it this way again:

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that ^ represents a marginally useful set of l3,4,and 5 vertebrae one ever accused me of above average intelligence. But hey, my wife got a new car and left me with this purple sienna I thought it would be better if, because its purple and its a mini-van, it at least smelled like oil ... I was wrong..but dang that thing is nice to drive with a busted up lower back, its like driving a sofa.
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