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Originally Posted by Mendocino View Post
Why do you say that? Is it because it's GMSK, thus 'ancient' technology? I couldn't say if it'll grow any more but about 10% of the repeaters in the U.S. are D-STAR currently, which is around 750 of them. There are approximately 30,000 call signs registered and I think about 1,500 repeaters total. There is a D-STAR amateur microsat (OUFTI-1).

This blows away Yaesu at zero (since no network or gateways yet exist) and DMR-MARC (MotoTRBO) at 411 repeaters worldwide and 4,100 IDs.

I wish Yaesu would not have implemented FDMA first but rather gone straight to TDMA. And I /definitely/ wish they would not have spec'd AMBE+2 for the vocoder and gone with Codec2 instead. But at least setting up a repeater and the individual radios don't require unit registering as it does with commercial DMR systems.

I can't see any commercial derived DMR getting much traction when you can set up a D-STAR repeater for under $1,000, probably 1/3 what surplus Motorola gear costs, not to even think about a new repeater. Even a brand new Yaesu DR-1 is going to be doable for a club. If Yeasu does what ICOM does they sell repeaters at cost or even free them away to clubs interested in setting up a D-STAR repeater (if only, ICOM will GIVE you a repeater and a few D-STAR HTs if you ask) I wouldn't be surprised if Yaesu's digital gets some installations pretty quickly.

So I'm still not sure where to plunk down my money. I'm not all that into D-STAR. It's more complicated than it needs to be. But it really is the most widespread ham digital mode right now.

I don't really much want to start building up Motorola gear. RT Systems gets $50 for software and a cable, which is chump change compared to Motorola. Most of the more current RSS and CPS seats are $250 per license, so you have to stick with one model otherwise just programming radios gets out of hand.
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