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Originally Posted by Rzeppa View Post
Really timely thread; My lovely wife Linda calls our adventures in our 60 "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". I understand her sentiment in that while she (Alice, our FJ60) articulates wonderfully off road, she kinda rolls a bit on I-70 on highway curves. On-Topic, I believe the shocks need to be replaced, and during my "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" expeditions, my main take was the shocks are shot, and whatever new ones will replace them should have a gentle intake (compression) and a very firm extension. Or should I have that the other way around?
Jeff, i missed this...

The Bilsteins I am running (the ones I in stalled in this thread) are valved stiffer on rebound than compression..

360/80 or 3600 newtons at 0.52 m/s and 800 Newtons at 0.52 m/s

All the different shock manufacturers rate the "stiffness" differently so it can be hard to compare..

I do know that the "light" OME shocks were pretty under damped for my truck (which weighs in close to 6,000 lbs empty)
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