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Originally Posted by Snowrun View Post
Seeing these pics reminds me I really need to get around to forming a trust so I can buy a can. Nice FN's.
Just an FYI to everyone.
Suppressors are expensive. So if you're looking for a suppressor for a rifle, but you have several rifles that you would like to suppress…. Here's a little trick.
Let's say you have a .308 of some kind and an AR-15. Buy a Can for the .308. Buy an adaptor for the Can to be able to go on the AR-15. The 30 cal Can will work 99% as well on the .223/5.56 round as a Can that is specifically designed for that round. This way you only have to purchase one Can (go through the ridiculous red tape only once) and you can switch it back and forth between the rifles that you're shooting at half the cost.
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