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Originally Posted by ianacole View Post
For my trust I went through an attorney in Loveland, Rodney Woodard...did everything via email. Cost $300. Here's his info:

Rodney W. Woodard
Attorney at Law
2399 Lawson Drive
Loveland, Colorado 80538
(240)235-8748 Fax

Oh, and there is talk about changing the trust regulations so that all principles of the trust must get finger printed and go through the standard LEO sign-off. The comment period on the BATFE regulations is currently open, and if I recall, closing in early December. If changed, I don't know when it would take effect, but I wouldn't wait.
I just pinged him. Turns out if you send a blank email to there is an auto-responder that sends you all the needed info.
Thanks for the recommendation.
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