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also did the front pinion which was leaking real bad.

pictures aren't necessary but I like them, plus it took me a while to find the torque spec in the manual, so its here 144 to 173 for the nut

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it was leaking bad.

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I used a touch of silicone around the outside of the seal and then a touch of grease to keep the inner spring in place while I pounded it in

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I have done a few seals and I can never get them in square I always wind up ruining them, so I started using various pieces of pvc as seal drivers and my success rate is increasing.. this little 2" pvc cap worked well.

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more to come, including the vacating of the frame of an astonishing amount of sand, it blows HARD in wyoming

hopefully my block will be done too so I can start putting the engine back together.
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