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Originally Posted by LARGEONE View Post
Fun trip! Hope the cop was lenient on you for touching the white line in the wind! He probably pulled you over because of the Indiana plates.

Thanks for posting pics guys. I didn't get to take very many and only had my phone anyway. Pictures just don't do that place justice!
He said my plates came up as expired. I had the "14" sticker on the plate and, of course, I had my current registration and all and he double checked them. He said fake "14" stickers on the plates are common but said Indiana did not update my plate when I last renewed them so I have to stop at the DMV. When he pulled me over, I thought maybe I was dropping dirt chunks on the highway from the wheeling I did in Uncompahgre before running the Maze. The trooper was cool (no ticket or written warning) and all was fine.
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