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Originally Posted by Woodsman View Post
Great to see that this project is progressing. Had I been closer, I would have take that truck box from you to build a small lumber dry kiln.

One note, GM sold their share of Isuzu when the economy took a dump and they were scrounging for cash to stay afloat. Soon thereafter, a near-same size chunk of Isuzu was purchased by another company we are all familiar with . . . Toyota. Hopefully, this means Toyota has additional resources and technology to make small diesels a reality in the USA . . . but I'm not holding my breath.
Ahh...yes! Part of the GM bail-out that the taxpayers are about to come up $10 billion short on when the treasury unloads the rest of its GM stock next week. I just heard about that earlier today on the financial news.

Would that make it Toysuzu? Or might it be Isuzota?
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