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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post

ALL the valves are still in their normal locations?

like it really did break a rod and it wasn't a valve that got munched due to botched timing belt/tensioner breaking a rod?
Isaac already mentioned that it's a non-interference motor but I was more wondering if the engine happened to maybe have any head gasket work or something. A broken rod is unheard-of even for supercharged 5VZs and crazy for a stock engine. Maybe it threw a rod and something was lost in translation. That can happen (right Ige?).

The best way I can think to break a rod is to get oil, coolant or water in the combustion chamber. Maybe HG? Is it running Toyota red coolant or does it have something else? I have a theory that Toyota coolant reduces HG erosion but worse is mixing coolants.

I would go with a decent used engine instead of just replacing the rod in situ. That worked in the 2F but modern engines are such close tolerances and designed with a lot less margin. When the rod broke who knows how badly the crank or cylinder walls were damaged. At least my luck wouldn't be in favor of tempting Murphy.
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