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Can't speak for specifics to the 100 but I did replace my canister in the 80 with the autozone option. I always had pressure in the tank during the summer but it wasn't too bad. This last fall going down to Salida it was bad enough I couldn't fill up at a gas station because (even after venting) it would trip the pump off.

So far no issues but haven't had it in real hot weather yet. Driven at altitude plenty and no issues.

Personally I think the issue with my canister is that the check valves were sticky and not functioning. Thats the only way pressure will build up in the tank, regardless of if the charcoal is saturated or not. Once the pressure builds enough it should purge out the valve on the canister. If the valves in the canister work properly and the VCV/VSV/etc system in the car is working properly, it should be either burning the vapor or venting out. It should only build pressure in the tank until the release purge valve releases it (or at least that is my understanding). Replacing mine was a double bonus as all the valves work and the charcoal is new. Plus the vsv valve was replaced when did the HG, so I have hopes this will fix the issue. I don't want to explode

I kept my old one and plan to R&R it when I have time because the fitment is so much better on the original one (go figure).

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