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Originally Posted by Caribou Sandstorm View Post

I usually only have the issue in the summer heat. Had it a little in the Maze, when it was warmer at the end of the day.. And I did not have a full tank most of that time.
I think not having a full tank for that trip is irrelevant. Since the charcoal in the canister is already saturated, it cannot perform as designed anyway. It took some time of not filling all the way and never topping off before my system improved. I would say a few months at least. Do you ever give the pump an extra squeeze after the auto shut off? If so, I wouldn't do that anymore either.

My canister looks like a shoebox and is located differently than yours, but the problem is the same. Unlike the 80 though, I've heard of very few people ending up with vapor lock while at the pump. I think our issue is different than the 80 in that way.

Our OEM cost is less than the Autozone one too. I bet if you did a new instal it would "fix" the issue until it happened again. (Sloshing fuel/pressure overwhelming the EVAP system)
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