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Originally Posted by Beater View Post
any mig can run stainless. there are even flux core stainless consumables for you to use if you need.
Originally Posted by Beater View Post
aluminum is one giant pain if you ask me. It takes a lot of amps, and cleanliness borders on fanatical - all that for tig -

For mig, you would need a spool gun, which makes life easy, but is costly for the home user unless you have a lot to do, plus only the pro-sumer boxes will accept them. Cleanliness is still important, but not as much so.

I would mig stainless all day if I could. virtually no difference in technique and such from mild steel. PS - the heat bluing comes off chemically, no need to sand it.
Hope I'm not hijacking the thread, but any chance you could expand on the flux core mig wire topic a bit? I recently replaced my exhaust with a borla/magnaflow hybrid and I think the resonator in the system is junk. (Made out of T-304 stainless). I had considered buying a new one and taking it to a shop to have put in, but if its possible to weld stainless with a mig welder, that intrigues me! I have a smaller 120v lincoln promig 140, but no gas for it. If a company sold flux wire for stainless in a small enough spool that may be an option!

Edit, I did find this but thats awfully thick wire for exhaust tubing.
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