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Time to install the new front suspension. Here is a look at the front components we will be focusing on. Notice the spring plates that we already welded the bump stops onto have been already coated.

The new shackles include all new bushings and grease-able hardware. Some are not huge fans of the grease-able bolts as they are inherently weaker than a solid bolt. But our experience has shown that they are more than strong enough in this application. And that people are more likely to maintain (grease) their bushings when it is so easy for them to do so.

We bolt the new springs into place:

And then we are able to hang the front axle from the new springs.

Installed the wheel/tire combo the client has chosen to go with. FJ Crusier wheels with 35" Dick Cepek mud terrains. First look at it sitting on the 35's

We still need to install wheels spacers on the front axle, but they haven't arrived yet.

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