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It's almost exactly a 600 mile journey from KC to Denver. To make it in eight hours, you have to average 75mph the entire distance, including fuel stops. Looking at the description of Burt, engine choice wasn't mentioned so I assume the 3FE still motivates her. Never known a female named Burt. Anyway, having made the same trip in an '88 FJ62 named Bart, by the way, numerous times, I wish you a strong tailwind if you plan on making the trip in fewer than ten hours. Don't forget that KC is about 700' above sea level and Denver is at 5280' ASL with quite a few large hills in between the two with winds out of the west the norm. Nevertheless, club meetings start at 7:00pm - don't forget you lose an hour between CST and MST - so you should make it, if not easily if you get an early start. Look forward to meeting you and checking out your truck.
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