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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
Throwing this out there. Anyone interested in a winter outing to the Maze between Christmas and New Years? Looks like I might be able to get away, so judging interest.
Not sure I can go, so outside chance for me but would be happy to help you all with your route planning ideas.

For permits it is 30.00 per permit, like Matt said in the other thread. That includes 3 rigs and one site, if I remember correctly. Doll House has 3 camp sites and there is overflow parking at the trail head near the camp sites... So 9-11 rigs would be no issue.

Go to Canyanlands national park website and you can register on line. They have been going back and forth about collecting your 30.00 up front. They may not collect right away. You can have them mail you the permits or pick them up at the visitors center or the Hans Flat ranger station.

However, picking up at the Hans Flat Ranger station, assumes you are entering via Flint trail and that may not be the smartest place to enter with snow.

If you pick up in Moab, that would be enroute to a southern entrance from Hite, which would be the safest way in during the winter..

Just typing this makes me want to go with you all... Who knows maybe I can pull it off.

If I can't make it, you all can borrow my camp chef fire pit. You know what would be cool for winter camping down there is one of these.....

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