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I got the renewal notice for my '78 FJ40 last month. It oddly seems to have gone down in price - 5 years is now $185, I and I know my last set of plates was north of $250. I'm not complaining. I live in a non-e-test county, so that is not part of this issue.

I looked up the last collector car bill that passed in Colo., and it was a mix of Dems and Repubs that have hosed us this time - a few more Dems and Repubs. I wonder if we (and some other like minded sorts) can't find a liberty-minded rep to sponsor something consistent and easy to follow to revised the collector car bill? The regs that gets passed seem always to be a hodge-podge of slapped-together junk that makes life difficult for collector car owners. I understand that the rolling 25 year deal was opposed (a few years back) by a collector car group who didn't want to see collector plates on 25 year old Japanese stuff (it was 'too new' for them).

My conclusion is this: we are supposed to be represented by our state house critters, and yet we're merely victims of the whims of whatever klutzes there cobble together a collector car bill every few years. I agree that the goal is to marginalize/outlaw those 'old unsafe stinkers' where possible and practical.

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