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We start off tackling the rear by a little more disassembling. We remove the stock gas tank skid:

Then remove the fuel tank after marking each side of all the lines with different colored tape to assure perfect reassembly. May seem a tad unnecessary but this is done so there will be no confusion later.

We now focus our attention to the removal of the stock spring and shackle hangers.

The new Trail Gear hangers as they arrived:

We lay out the new mounting positions for each spring hanger as per TG's instructions and tack weld them into place. TG offers two different mounting locations for the shackle hangers. One for the pickup (lighter applications) and one for the 4Runners (heavier applications). But based on our experience with these kits we chose to ignore both recommendations and located them to our own specifications. This will lead to a better shackle angle and take care of the "rear sag" problems most 4Runners have when all is said and done.

We will fully weld everything at a later date after some test fitting.

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