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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
I'm curious too about Mike. Jeff, your 45 didn't have emissions equipment originally did it? If not then you probably won't be on the hook to pass emissions.
When I imported it, I got an EPA waiver as part of the importation paperwork. Geeze I hope I still have it where I can dig it up. Still, I had to get it tested, and I couldn't get it done just anywhere, I had to go to the Colorado AIR program headquarters in Denver to get a dyno test. I don't know if the guy was the actual "head" of the emission program, but he was definitely the head guy there, a PhD chemist, took a keen interest in my truck, tested it himself and adjusted the carb himself until it passed. He was a car guy and went on and on about carburetor fuel metering and atomization pros and cons of fuel injection. He was the one who schooled me that at our elevation, EGR doesn't do jack except reduce power and economy and doesn't help NxOx because we never get the combustion temperatures that cause NxOx. It made what would have ordinarily been a painful experience a fun and interesting one.
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