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Default Rising Sun Spring 2014 Advanced Ham Class

I'd like to offer an informal class this spring, probably early March late May time frame. I will update this thread with specifics as they firm up but do want to start planning so that people who want to sit in can offer schedule, location and topics.

It will definitely not be the rush-rush licensing test normally presented, although if someone wanted to prep for the test before Cruise Moab and summer wheeling we'd cover material that would be helpful, if maybe a bit beyond to someone totally unfamiliar. All will be welcome but understand that the class will be mainly to cover topics for semi-active operators who want to advance their understanding or might be prepping for upgrading their license so I would prefer not to start at the very beginning so being familiar with your typical 2m FM mobile or HT is probably the pre-req. What we'll do is start to understand the why and how behind the junk so that you can start to see why some of us are so into it.

At this time no test session is planned but if there is interest and a suitable location is found I will consider proctoring one. It hinges on being able to rope in two Extra class VEs because I would prefer a test session that can offering license upgrading. If that does happen then Technician test would be available, too.

Number of people accommodated will depend on where I can find a place. My current thought is to schedule a room at a library or something for a couple of hours one evening for a few weeks. I appreciate Nathaniel letting us use the BCB upstairs but I think the subject matter requires something less distracting. Although having a beer while discussing wouldn't be all bad...

Date: TBD
Location: TBD

Topics (Suggested):
  • Math and Science for Amateurs (Radio ones, too)
  • Wide, Wide World of Operating Modes
  • Propagation and EM Waves!
  • Understanding and Farming Antennas
  • On-Air Protocol (HF and DX-centric)
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