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So it looks like we may still have some snow left over from this storm because of the cold temps coming up. The area we're going to sees plenty of sunshine (if it's sunny) and things do melt pretty quickly.

There really isn't any off camber drop offs that we need to worry about. The snow will most likely melt off the rocks. There could be some left over frozen/slick spots down near the bottom of the big hill on either Hackett or Metberry. That would make climbing back out a problem, so we'll walk that first to make sure we aren't descending into an ice trap. There are no trees to anchor to in that area, and the ones that are still standing can be knocked over with a good swift kick.

The ride to the trails is much more fun in the snow as it ups the difficulty a little and usually makes for a muddy, rutted trail.

Illinois Gulch will be passable even if it's snow covered and playing around on Moab Hill will be fun.

10 days away! I'll start taking burrito orders next week as part of the tradition of this run will be breakfast burritos warmed in the engine bay.
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