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Default Electrial Project Help Needed

I recently bought a welder to start working on the 40 during the salt season that is winter here in Denver. I plan on doing the work in my garage, the only problem is that I don't have 220V in my garage. I got a quote of $1200 to install a sub-panel in the garage and install a 220V outlet. That seemed a little high and I'm kicking around the idea of doing it myself. The lines are run from my panel on the back of my house on a mast into the garage. I would need to install a 100 amp fuse and run the line on the mast into the garage for the sub panel. I have very little home electrical experience, much less something with high-voltages. I was wondering if someone who has experience in something like this wouldn't mind coming over and working out a game plan with me. I can do the work myself, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly (permits and such) Thanks!
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