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Originally Posted by subzali View Post
Yeppirs. Well, there is a breaker for all my 110v stuff, but for anything upstream of that, yes. I know in Lakewood this type is longer allowed by code.
It's used to be the case with fuse panels years ago but they had a disconnect switch next to them. It used to be OK to run a split bus panel with a few larger breakers feeding into branch circuit breakers, which sorta sounds like what you have.

I'm not sure the NEC actually says you need a master breaker but it does say you need a way to disconnect all power that isn't the meter. They used to have a 6-throw rule, all power had to be turned off in 6 throws max. But I'd have to verify that still exists.

Having an obvious master is better obviously plus if the fire department ever came and found no way to shut off the power they might not work on your house.
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