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Default York OBA Setup Questions

I'm getting closer to switching over from my annoying MV-50 OBA setup to installing my York 210L...but I have a few questions for the few who have done this already.

1) Did you use a check valve? If so, what type? And, wouldn't it need to be placed after the oil separator to ensure it doesn't get messed up with any oil coming out of the compressor? Also, should this be a far away from compressor outlet as possible, prior to manifold, in order to allow heat to dissipate?

2) My run from the compressor outlet to the manifold is at least 4 feet (from front right of engine to left firewall). I plan to use braided stainless hose unless it is outrageously priced. Any recommendations for where to buy stainless braided hose and who can put ends on it? Can a shop put any kind of ends on this hose? (Parker in Louisville?) What ends would be best to go to my compressor outlet if I have drilled it out with 3/8" NPT threads? I originally planned to use barbed fittings with clamps, but have been steered away from this in other threads on our great RS Forum!

3) What pressures are you allowing your systems to reach before shutting off? My current system is 85-105 PSI and seems to be fine. I've seen others run 90-120. The 120 PSI is appealing for some applications, but I'm thinking the higher the pressure, the more work I have to fix small leaks and the more often my compressor will kick on?

4) how long does the 210 York take to go from say 85 PSI to 105/120 PSI? I know this depends on how much storage you have, but I think my system will have a similar storage capacity as many of yours. I have a 2.5 gallon tank in the rear. I'm just wondering if it is 30 seconds or minutes to refresh to cutoff pressure. Right now, the MV-50 takes FOREVER!!!

5) side question...while I have the fan pulley off, what other maintenance items should I accomplish? I'm planning to do the other belts as well as the idler pulley on the A/C. Anything else I should consider? I was going to do the front crank seal, but my oil leak is really minimal...especially if I use the high mileage Mobil 1 oil. I only have to add about 1 quart in 8k miles. However, this would probably be a really good time to JUST DO IT!!! I have the gasket and everything, but I just don't have the 300 ft-lb tork wrench and huge socket, nor the expertise to do the engine bump, etc. OK...I think I am talking myself into doing this item as well!!! Anything else?

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