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Default Battery Box

So… I plan on making a few "battery boxes" in the coming months. Thought I'd start a thread to share my progress and get input.

First one I'm building will be to use for emergencies and to test out HAM and other 12V DC stuff at home without messing with the truck. My original motivation for building one of these was when I realized all HAM stuff runs on 12V DC and I think I'd rather buy a couple batteries than an almost as expensive AC to DC converter to run HAM radios at home.

Anyway, this first one is going to be built around 2 x 50 Amp Hour batteries. I got a screaming deal on these:

I also picked up one of these:

That's all I can really afford for the month, but my eventual plans are to build a plywood box to house the 2 batteries. My plans for outputs are probably about 6 power pole outlets, 2 USB outlets, and one cig lighter output.

For power input I plan to permanently mount the above controller/charger and a solar controller. I'll likely end up plunking this down in the garage with it connected to a 60 watt solar panel. I have said 60 watt panel on my truck now but plan to upgrade it to a 100 watt in the Spring.
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