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KC0YRM and I found at Field Day 2012 that a generator is the way to go. Battery based emergency power is fine but short term, a day or so, but longer than that or significant operating time and you quickly deplete them. If you intend to continue operating you need to size the recharging capacity to be something like twice the operating use. IOW, if you are consuming 120W per hour (say roughly a 100W HF station operating 50% duty cycle during a contest) from the storage and you have 1200W-hr available you can go 10 hours. But you need to plan on using zero storage during the day light (if using solar) and rebuilding the reserve simultaneously, which means you need 240W during the summer when you have 12 hours of sunlight. In the winter if you get 6 hours of good sun you need more like 400W of solar to run deep into the night. Brian's 1000W generator was awesome...
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