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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Generators get the same multiplier as mains powered stations, so I do guess it is too easy. OTOH it's sure a lot easier to run your house fridge during longer power outages...
On some level I do want this around in case of a prolonged power outage, but it seems like that hardly ever happens in Colorado. Mostly I just wanna fool around with solar technology. If we did have a really long power outage, I could put everything we really needed from the fridge into my Edgestar and run it off the truck or off one of the 200 amp hour / 200 watt systems.

I will say it would have been really nice to have one of the 200-sized systems built up this summer to be able to drop it off to some of my friends up in Lyons who didn't have power for a few weeks.
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