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One of the better things I learned from my OBA setup that I will offer is installing a couple ball valves. One just after the manifold, essentially to shut off the system (put one port on the manifold for an air hose so you can still air up in this manner if need be). Add another valve to shut off the storage tank. The benefit is being able to run the system in a tighter more contained manner for troubleshooting the switches, chasing leaks, etc. And/or bypass the tank, if you think that's adding delay or has additional leaks.

Example is on the way back from the Rubicon, one of my hoses running to the slider popped off- I was using both a slider and tank in back for storage. I could shut all that off and just plug my airline into the manifold, to still air up. Sure beats a field repair.. fix that junk back at home. Although that was perhaps more a lesson in not using hose clamps.
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