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Default Satoshi Grill Mod Build

So over the past several days I have been working on a new project for my truck.
I've always liked the Satoshi grill mods. Unfortunately, the only way to have one is to build it yourself.
So I finally got all the parts together and sat down to build it.

First I had to get a new grill. Then I used my Dremel with a cutting wheel on it to cut out the center of the original grill.

Then I used a grinding stone on my Dremel to grind down the left over plastic from what I had just cut out.

Then I cut out pieces of sheet metal to make a back piece to cover the holes, and to hold the Bondo.

Then I had to track down a piece of perforated stainless steel. This took a couple days looking on-line and locally. I finally found a piece that was almost the perfect size at Gully Metal Services in Englewood. They were kind enough to cut it down to the correct basic size for me.

Then I trimmed the grate down to where it would fit on the grill correctly. I cut slots in the grill for the grate to slide into.

I then made a special 16" long bracket from aluminum spanning the top of the grill. I glued and riveted the bracket to the grill. It had to be bent to match the curve on the grill.

Then I used self tapping screws and washers to attach the top of the grate to the bracket on the top of the grill.

The bottom of the grate I actually laced into the bottom of the grill. I know this might seem kind of weird. But it actually turned out to be very easy and simple. Also, it allowed me to evenly apply pressure along the curve on the bottom of the grill.

It ended up looking like this. I then cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol to clean off the grease and grime.

Once the grate was clean, I attached my "TOYOTA" letters. I'll be reinforcing them on the back with something, probably Gorilla Glue.

It's now ready for the letters to be taped off, the Bondo work to be done, and then to be painted. I'm going to paint it black of course.


So, I finally got it painted today

So all I have to do now is install it. Should look pretty good with my new bumper that we're working on this winter.

So, what do you think so far?
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