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What are you putting them on?

I got some for my 60 and have been happy although they did not deliver what I ordered. I asked for springs that were for a certain height with my rig loaded and they sent me their standard lift springs for a 60 saying I didn't know what I was asking for. This was after I corner weighed the truck and sent them all the specs that they asked for.

They are awesome springs when it is totally unloaded, but loaded to the number I spec'd it sags a ton & bottoms out when driven hard. It's a trade off I guess.

Also one of the first fronts I got lost it's arch within a week. I had to pay for a replacement, they said I did something to it as it would be very unusual for that to happen since they have such good quality control and the springs were the same batch. I guess did do something to it, I wheeled Spring Creek, that was it.

Since then they have been doing fine. I actually like them a lot compared to the OME's I had on there before, they fit better (are longer.. better shackle angles).

I'd get them again if I had to do it over I think. I'd just try to actually convince them to make them have a higher spring rate.
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