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No, I don't think i' give them a fudge factor, I'd just want some kind of guarantee that they will make them hold what i asked at some respectable ride height. Their argument was that they knew what I wanted better than i did and every time they build truly custom springs for somebody they were unhappy. I started out asking for a specific length of spring and load capacity. I got their standard lift spring for a 60 with no extra load capacity. It was a fine length they just let the truck sag a lot. Maybe they didn't believe me when I gave them my axle weights I dunno. I called them about it and quickly realized that having anything changed was going to be a loosing battle and cost me a lot more $$.

For the 60 there wasn't a whole lot available I guess.. and Alcans seemed like the best option. I was willing to compromise the soft suspension for load capacity, I got a soft suspension that wheels nice empty and struggles loaded. It is what it is I guess. I'd guess most of what I personally do is unloaded so maybe they were right and knew what I wanted more than I did?

whats the gist of the complaints on mud? that they don't build to the right specs?
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