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Using last year as a measure, we ran Metberry and Hackett with a long stop at the bottom of Metberry plus the usual standing around and talking. We were off the trail by 4pm. This year we will most likely be skipping Metberry and doing Illinois Gulch instead. It adds maybe 7 miles road driving but is much shorter in length than Metberry. The real obstacle on Illinois Gulch is called Moab Hill. It's only about 5-10 mins off the paved road.

We'll take a roll call at the start to see who plans on running both trails. That will determine what trail we hit first. This is kind of what our route will look like.....,4&t=m&z=12

I think we'll have plenty of time for you to be back for plans with your wife. We will have limited cell service in that area though and issues can always come up that we're not expecting. We're always fairly close to a maintained road, so theoretically you could safely bail out at any time.
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