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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
My following post is in no way bashing Trail Gear. So, don't take it that way.


The reason trail gear does well is that they sell a large number of products to mini truck people. Mini truck people are some of the cheapest, most ghetto wheelers out there. I'm one of them, so I know. We want a 100k rock crawler performance out of a truck, but want it for 200 bucks. Its insane. If you are curious, check out yotatech or the mini truck forum on Pirate. SOOOO many posts on "I'm on a tight budget, how do I trick out my ride for 1000 bucks?" or "what is the cheapest, best way to do x..." or "I want to buy a winch, but the cost of a superwinch or warn is ridiculous, can anyone comment on this chinese made winch for 35 bucks?"

"Cheapest" and "Best" very rarely go hand in hand.

The reason Trail Gear does well is that while there are several companies that sell similar products, in particular suspension and drivetrain products, Trail gear is the cheapest. They do the most business because, if you only have a certain amount of money, you may as well get the most modifications for your coin.

I'll let others sort out reliability. I don't have a stick in that fire.

Sorry for the rant. Cheapskates kinda get under my skin, despite the fact that I end up having to be one of them from time to time.
I agree, but I be that cheap skate. I got bad credit, and I live in a single wide, and your bashing is welcome if you think it's deserved. I don't get to enjoy this hobby if it weren't for a $2000 4runner, junk yards, and companies like TG. My challenge has been learning to have respect for yuppies.
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