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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Gotta read above man. I was being sarcastic and joking. I'm not bashing you. Sent you an apology in a PM.
I won't accept any apology. There is no need for that. I actually got your humor, and I too was trying to be funny. I used bad grammar on purpose to represent the "ghetto" you refered to but, I really do live in a single wide. I would owe an apology too if any one does.

I really want to join RS. All humor aside, I have been wondering how or if I fit in though. I'm not challenged at respecting yuppies because they aren't worthy of respect. Its because I struggle with my own shortcomings. It's very intimidating coming to runs filled with bad ass Land Cruisers in a mini. I'm actually jealous not resentfull.

I have been wrong for judging people with money. I am changing my mind. I love my wife and kids more then anything. When I go wheeling I want to go with other family oriented people. That is why I am attracted to this thread, forum, and club.
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