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Default CO 4x4 Trails That Lead To Mountain Summits

No, This is not in the wrong section.

I was talking with a member of the Colorado QRP Club the other day and the discussion turned to SOTA and what Mountain peaks could be reached by 4X4. Seem the QRP club has a number of members that are unable to handle long approaches to many of the SOTA peaks. I started to compile a list as I think this might be a great opportunity to further intertwine both hobbies.

So far I've come up with:
1) Mt Bross
2) Mt Lincoln
3) Pikes Peak
4) Mt Evens
5) Mt Antero
6) Twin Cone
7) Red Cone
8) Crystal Mt.
9) Mt Princeton
10) McLellan Mountain
11) Trinchera Peak

The criteria is: It doesn't have to be a 14er, it does need to be a definitive peak that is named on a USGS map and has a legit route that is on MVUM. The trail doesn't need to go over or end exactly on the summit but needs to be close enough that someone, carrying radio gear, could reach the actual summit with a short hike.

Post up anything you can think of and I'll cross reference with the SOTA list.

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