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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Hey man, that attitude is EXACTLY how you fit in with RS! And I know exactly what you mean. You, me, dave and others fit in pretty well even with our Minis! There are actually a number of really badass mini's in this club too! In the end, its all about enjoying the sport. Its what I love about this club.

Thank you.

Had I not just found another really cheap 40 there'd be another mini in RS
I love your 40, & the 80

These days I wheel my stock 4Runner just as much as my 80 Series on 35s. You just gotta approach things differently. Literally. It's ALL good because Toyota four wheel drives are a blast. And that is really what this club is about: having fun wheeling. It doesn't matter who spent the most because nobody really cares.

If you're having fun then you can rest assured that you are doing it right.
Yes, and I have had so much fun both times that I went with RS. Every one I have met is awesome. I really want an 80 just like yours one day.

Dude. I drive a rusted out mini with a ghetto rigged 3.4, hole in the hood, built with junkyard parts. On the complete opposite end is my dad with the most beautiful 4runner you'll ever see. What is awesome about RS is that we embody all walks of life as long as we share a love of Japanese 4x4. Welcome! I'd have a beer with you any day.
Thanks Justin. I was very impressed with you and your truck when we met, especially how you made the deal to get your supercharger. "Ghetto, or cheap" sounds bad so I use the term affordable. "Affordable" engineering can be some of the best found. My trucks use has not depreciated as much as it's value has, I consider that a bargain. Old trucks and even cheap aftermarket accessories benefit greatly from proper maintenance. I respect everything I have, even the smittybilt stuff. All equipment has a lifespan, you get out what you put in. I try to embody that, and make what I have now work.

Anyway I have been humbling myself about this and I do think I should apologize to the forum for throwing around the generalization and use of the word yuppy. I want to buy a house real bad but I can't save anything living week to week. I paid over $13,000 in income tax alone this year, more then 3x the price of my house in just one year. I was 22 when they said the economy was bad from 911, now I'm almost 35, and it's no easier. I'm tired of waiting for the economy to improve, I want to find a way to make what I have work to get a house before my kids are grown. I'm sorry for lashing out in generalities towards people in my frustration.
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