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Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
I dunno much about the Ham aspect, but as far as summits go, I had thought that the road up Bross was closed. If its open, that is awesome.

Same with Lincoln, but again, I'll be really stoked if that is in error!
The town of Alma Parks Dept took over the administration of the summits of Bross and Lincoln and is managing them as city parks. The summits are currently closed to motor vehicles until the town, claim holders and The USFS can work out the safest route to the summits. The summit of Bross is accessible via the trail from Kite Lake, this trail can also be accessed by descending from the saddle between Bross and Cameron, joining up with the trail and ascending to the summit. I'm unsure about access to Lincoln.

I've included them in this list 'cuz I'm hopeful they will be fair game soon.

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