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I agree about narrower tires. According to both BFG and Goodyear 235/85R16 has a rim range of 6" to 7". The 245/75R16 is 6.5" to 8" and the 265/70R16 7" to 8.5". Obviously the 7" rim works for all of them and kind of looks like the sweet spot is 245/75R15 anyway.

I'm running stock suspension that doesn't have much clearance, I wonder if the 235/85R16 will be too tall to fit. As it is the 265/70R16 is pretty close. It's a chicken and the egg problem, I want to put suspension on but if I have to buy tires that will be postponed for some time. I'm leaning towards the 245/75R16 I think, although most of the options are going to be load range E, the Duratrac comes in a load range C that might work. I'd prefer D, but whatcha gonna do?
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