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Default I Like Enchiladas and Tires in Red Dirt.

Hello Dave, I have seen Dan's green 4Runner with stock 7" wheels and 235/85R16 A/T's. It did look right on the rim and on the rig. Non US 70 series are still shod with 7.5 x 16's. It has been my experience that a narrower footprint slips less on loose rock and snow or ice. Especially when running open diff's. I say go with the 75 or 85 aspect ratio. Amongst 235/85 and 245/75 what is the diameter difference? I understand this will vary depending on tire make/model. That might help me make up my mind on a fully loaded Tacoma with Nest, bikes and ales. Now, how wide to cut the rubber TEQ mudflaps? Cheers! Dean
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