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Hi, Corey...I would like for someone who knows more than me to comment on whether it is OK to run the 80 w/ 4.88s and 33s for a long time (i.e. higher RPMs, etc).

I can comment on the additional "power" going up the passes. Just ask OilHammer and Chris Davis (can't keep track of his latest forum name!) about how well my 80 kept up going up the passes the last few times!!! Corsair can also comment about how "peppy" the 80 feels with this set-up. I have actually been running my 4.88s and 33s for some time now as I wait to wear out my set of 33's. I will likely try to go to 35s after this set of tires, but I'm not completely sure because I have really liked the way the 80 goes up the mountains now!!! Sometimes when it downshifts, though, I do fear my RPMs are too well over 4K rpms! Anyway, feel free to ask any other questions...I've been running this set-up for a bit.

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